Financial Services

Business Planning & Startups

New Businesses

Starting a business can be an exiting time but can also bring its fair share of stress and headaches. Its easy for those starting a business for the first time to overlook things they may need or expenses that may crop up. We can assist you with a business plan and give you the confidence and control to make your business a success.

Existing Businesses

We can help you to optimise your existing business and processes to ensure your business is operating at peak efficiency, and that you are maximising your revenue.


Got a great plan for a business but dont know where to start…We can help. We offer a range of services specifically designed for new startups, that include.

  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Registering a company
  • Tax compliance
  • GST and PAYE
  • Staff advice (wages , holidays , etc)
  • Annual reports

Bookkeeping Advice

We can assist you with training and support for many different accounting software packages and systems. below is a list of a some common ones we can support you with.

  • Xero
  • Cashbook Complete
  • and many others…

We are also able to assist you with whatever software or system you have in place already, or advise you on a system that will fit your needs if you do not have one.

Contracts & Agreements

We can provide advice on or tailor employment contracts to fit your business. We can ensure your contracts meet the obligations under the employment act and any other conditions you may require.